We believe that every human has the right to participate in a more globalizing society, and we think that this diversity in participation brings value to all. From a technological perspective, we live in fascinating times where we see that technology is playing an ever-increasing important role in the development of society. Technology helps us cure diseases, eliminate repetitive work, organize smarter cities, fight climate change, and so on. Demand for digitalization of processes grows fast, in businesses as well as in public service. One of the main concerns today we see in Europe to accomplish this is the access to (digital) expertise. The lack of experts is putting a constraint on this development.

At the same time, we notice in Ethiopia an emerging class of young, techno-savvy people, benefiting from an improved English education system, acquire the same technological skills as the ones needed in  Europe. The more favorable context created by the Ethiopian government and the impact of the Covid-crisis brought the adoption of remote work to the next level. It gave a final push to confirm the viability of our idea.

These observations resulted in the creation of nohippo.tech. We strive to offer high-quality offshore application development services from Ethiopia for the European market, within a context of supporting social development in Ethiopia (PureShore™).

IT with purpose. In this way, we believe we will create a win/win situation – a personal development trajectory for our Ethiopian employees, a high-quality offering for the European IT industry, and an economic ripple effect in the Ethiopian society.

Our company takes special care to provide the best working conditions, aiming for the best personal development of the people and will keep attrition down to an absolute minimum.

Our company supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably the SDG1 (No Poverty), SDG4 (Quality education), and SDG8 (Decent work & Economic Growth).

See the Services section for a complete understanding of our Pureshore™ offering.